Dreaming Soldiers to be released later this year

Dreaming Soldiers is written by South Australian Author Catherine Bauer and will be released in August 2018. It is a powerful and moving story about true mateship .  A window to the past and a glance at the future.

Dreaming Soldiers poignantly weaves tales of childhood adventures and battlefield challenges with gentle Dreaming themes.

This is a touching friendship story about  Jimmy and Johnno, two young Australian boys in the 1900s; mates who do everything together, sharing adventures and growing up side by side in the dusty cattle yards of an Outback South Australian station and later on the dusty WWI battlefields of the Middle East.

The simple story-telling combines with stunning images to honour the service and contribution of Australian veterans, and Indigenous soldiers.

Click on the flyer below for more details about the book. Please direct any further enquiries to Sharon Evans from Blue Sky Publishing on 02 9918 2168.