INVICTUS 2018 – Make Your Mark Down Under

The Invictus Games Sydney 2018 marks the beginning of a program to support the growth of adaptive sport programs in Australia, to further personal and professional opportunities for servicemen and women, and above all, to encourage Australians to embrace our wounded warriors every day.

The social impact of the Invictus Games Sydney 2018 will provide an environment of belonging, promoting an active and connected lifestyle for all members of the military family, and all those dealing with mental or physical challenges. In particular the Games will collaborate with corporate and communication partners to shine a light on:

Adaptive sport – helping to ensure more Australians are benefitting from the power that sport has to assist rehabilitation

Health and Wellbeing – raising the profile of initiatives supporting those living with a disability or managing their mental health

Education – driving a broader understanding of the sacrifice of service, the challenges of living with mental illness or physical disability, the value of resilience and the healing power of sport to assist recovery and rehabilitation.

Employment – raising awareness of employment initiatives supporting our veterans to reintegrate into society through meaningful employment

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