Mrs Lan Le, Honorary Patron of the Cheer-Up Hut Club

Mrs Lan Le, Patron of the Cheer-Up Hut Club

Welcome to the Cheer-Up Hut Club of which I am delighted to be Patron.


The role of patron of the original Cheer-Up Society was undertaken by Lady Maria Carola Galway, the wife of then South Australian Governor, Sir Henry Galway. It is only fitting that I accept the role of Patron at this special time of national reflection.

Lady Galway’s story of involvement is inspiring; particularly as she had only been in Australia for a short time before tirelessly devoting herself to the aims of the Cheer-Up Society. You will find out more about the fascinating history of the Cheer-Up Society via your Club membership.

Capturing our State’s personal Anzac stories from the front lines and from the home front is important. It is this personal side that the Cheer-Up Hut Club seeks to draw upon, to expose the battles of resilience, of courage and of service displayed by so many South Australian men and women at home; with a particular focus on the role that women played as they coped with lives interrupted by war.

I am very excited to see what Club Members will contribute to this Anzac Centenary website for South Australia, and to the RSL Virtual War Memorial website with whom we are partnering closely.  It is on these two significant sites that Anzac stories prepared by Club members will be published.

Stories can be contributed in all forms; they can be told traditionally via the written word, as a digital essay, a poem, a picture essay, or even as a short film. Membership of the Club will enable you to acquire the skills needed to achieve digital storytelling outputs like these.

As you embark on your eight week self-paced program that will be delivered to your email inbox, you’ll be guided through each phase of preparing your story for upload. Each week you will receive a new program pack which forms part of your Cheer-Up Hut Club Kit. You will begin with research, then have a chance to reflect before being supported to write your story using step-by-step guides to assist you.  You can also choose to turn your story into a digital essay or short film. These storytelling skills can be learnt by coming along to a Cheer-Up Hut being recreated in your community and recording your pre-prepared story onto video or sound recording.

But you’ll learn all about these opportunities through your membership. Stay tuned for the regular email newsletters that will be sent to you over the coming weeks. They contain historical stories of interest about the history of the Cheer-Up Society along with tips and tricks to help you tell your Anzac story.

I am extremely proud to be the Patron of this important and unique storytelling club for South Australians. I encourage you to invite your relatives and friends to join us in this worthwhile initiative. I also look forward to learning that you’ve had a chance to be part of a Cheer-Up Hut recreation in your community, and hope you encourage others to become involved.

Mrs Lan Le