posterThe 2017 Premier’s ANZAC Spirit School Prize

The competition provides the opportunity for young South Australians to examine and empathise with the remarkable sacrifices of Australian service men and women in the Great War of 1914-18.

Following a selection process, students will be invited to participate in the State Government’s fully funded study tour to Vietnam in 2017. The costs of travel, accommodation and meals are covered during the eleven day escorted tour to Vietnam.

The students will also be accompanied on the tour by a representative of the SA Branch of the Returned & Services League (RSL) of Australia, a representative of the Department for Education and Child Development and appointed teachers.

Selection of the students to participate in the tour involves an entry as outlined below and an interview for shortlisted students.

Prior to the study tour the selected students will be required to participate in an orientation program in Adelaide.

Teachers will also be selected to accompany the students on the study tour. Teachers are eligible to apply if they have students entering the 2017 Premier’s ANZAC Spirit School Prize.

It is planned for the tour to Vietnam to be held during the 2017 October school holidays.


  • The prize is open to all South Australian students in Years 9 and 10 in 2017.
  • To enter students are required to respond to the following task:

“Using a range of sources research the experience of a South Australian service man or woman on the Western Front and/or in the Middle East during World War 1.”

  • In doing so you are required to conduct research that will enable you to:
  1. Describe the context of the battlefront the chosen service man or woman participated in during World War 1(2 marks)
  2. Describe his/her background before departing for the war (2 marks)
  3. Describe his/her life and service on the Western Front and/or in the Middle East(4 marks)
  4. Determine to what extent his/her service reflects the ANZAC spirit? (6 marks)
  5. Use a range of primary and secondary sources which may include photos, maps, artefacts, diary entries, books and archival materials (6 marks).

Please note:

  1. The study of lesser known individuals is encouraged i.e. a person whose experiences in World War 1 have not been the subject of extensive publication.
  2. The individuals profiled in previous winning entries that appear on the Veterans SA site at cannot be the subject of your submission.
  • The response can be in one of the following formats:
  1. A written piece (between 1000-1500 words, presented as a typed document and as an electronic copy on a USB)
  2. A multi-media presentation to a maximum of 6 minutes (submit on a DVD or USB)
  • Only five entries from a school can be submitted via the school competition. The expectation is that each school will determine the five entries to be forwarded for judging by the Premier’s ANZAC Spirit School Prize judging panel. The judging of the school entries is expected to be based on the judging criteria shown above. All entries forwarded must be accompanied by the attached Student Entry and Declaration form.
  • Students in Year 9 or 10 may enter the competition through a community group i.e. Australian Defence Forces cadets. The entry will be submitted through the student’s school but can be in addition to the five entries submitted by the school.
  • Students are required to write a one page (maximum) personal statement highlighting:
  • Their extra-curricular contributions to the school and/or community
  • Their interest in history
  • Their civic mindedness
  • Other personal information relevant to the judging process.
  • On the basis of the submitted entries and the personal statements, the judging panel will select finalists to be interviewed. The interview will determine which students are selected to participate in the study tour.
  • The interview will be based on a number of seen and unseen questions.
  • All entries submitted to the judging panel will receive a certificate of participation.


  • Only five entries will be accepted from a school (unless also submitting entries on behalf of a community organisation).
  • Three copies of each entry to be received no later than Friday, 19 May 2017 at 5 pm. Late entries will not be accepted.
  • The entries must be accompanied by the Student Entry and Declaration form.
  • Teacher applications using the attached Teacher Application form must be submitted with the student entries.
  • Applications not following format guidelines will not be considered in the judging process.
  • Schools are to indicate on the Student Entry and Declaration form the number of students who participated in their school based ANZAC Spirit Prize competition in 2017.
  • Applications to be forwarded to:

Anzac Spirit School Prize 2017 – Student Entry and Declaration form.

Anzac Spirit School Prize 2017 – Teacher Application form

Attention:  Malcolm McInerney
2017 Premier’s ANZAC Spirit School Prize Application
Department for Education and Child Development
Learning Improvement Division
GPO Box 1152
Adelaide SA 5001