2015 Narratives of War Symposium: “Reflections of War”

Thursday 19 - Friday 20 November, 2015
Thursday: 8.30am to 6pm | Friday: 9am to 6.15pm
University of South Australia, Magill Campus
Room H1-44, Amy Wheaton Building,
33 St Bernards Rd, Magill SA 5072

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Narratives of War 2015 Program

The School of Communication, International Studies & Languages at the University of South Australia in partnership with Veterans SA is pleased to present the 2015 Narratives of War Symposium: “Reflections of War”

This year’s symposium offers two thematic streams:

  • reflection on historical conflicts; and
  • reflection on current conflicts.

It is 100 years since allied forces landed at Gallipoli in Turkey. If there was ever a more appropriate time to reflect on Australia’s involvement in World War 1 and the conflicts that have followed, it is now. With Australian forces currently engaged in the Middle East, this year’s symposium provides an opportunity for mature reflection on the events and consequences of World War 1 and all conflicts since. It seeks to give voice to scholarly analysis of Australia’s involvement in conflict, war and peacekeeping operations over the last 100 years, while providing an insight into what the next 100 years might hold.

The symposium is open to the South Australian community and offers easy access to a broad range of papers and presentations for reflective consideration during the Anzac Centenary. Interested individuals and community groups will have the chance to hear current research and writing undertaken by scholars and researchers specialising in the field.

The full two-day program will be available in early October.  It includes special keynote sessions by contemporary veterans, Major Sally Heidenreich & Major Alex Heidenreich; Anzac Girls screenwriter, Felicity Packard; Rat of Tobruk, Bill Corey OAM; and Turkish Professor, Dr Azer Banu Kemaloğlu.

Registrations are now open.   All sessions are FREE and will take place at the University of South Australia’s Magill Campus, with access the University’s Café for refreshments.

Members of the general public are most welcome to attend.

Confirmed Keynote Speakers:

Colonel Rob Manton

Colonel Manton retired from the Army in 2011 after 30 years of service.
Rob is a veteran of the Iraq conflict.
Rob has significant command and operational experience and insight to draw upon.


Major Sally Heidenreich & Major Alex Heidenreich

Reflections of War: Contemporary Veterans’ Perspectives

Sally and Alex have both seen active service with the Australian Army.
Sally is a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan.
Alex is a veteran of Afghanistan and East Timor.


 Felicity Packard

‘Anzac Girls’ and bringing the experience of women in war to the screen

Award-winning screenwriter for programs such as Anzac Girls, Underbelly, MDA and Sea Patrol


Bill Corey OAM

Rats, Rifles & Rations: Remembering & Reflecting – A Conversation with Rat of Tobruk, Bill Corey


Dr Azer Banu Kemaloğlu

Assistant Professor, Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart Üniversitesi

From Hostility to Lasting Friendship: Cultural Reflections from Turkish and Anzac Soldier Narratives – Exhibition Preview



Enquiries about the 2015 NOW Symposium “Reflections of War”
can be directed to Ms Julie White at: DIV-EAS-NarrativesOfWar@unisa.edu.au