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Monday 19 March, 2018
6.00pm - 7.00pm

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Sharon Cleary and Bob Kearney – Valour and Violets Part 1 – Evolution of an Army & 1914

In what sounds more like a chat around the fireside by two good friends, reminiscing about shared experiences than a talk in a radio studio, Sharon and Bob enfold listeners in their charming, informative recollections of working on the highly acclaimed book, Valour and Violets.  It’s a talk that will impart information and insight that the majority of Aussies never knew about this period in Australia’s history – I promise you that!  It also gives us a glimpse into how these two South Aussies worked as a team to produce a book that has set the bar high for all future books about Australian history.   Don’t miss this wonderful first part in our series from Cleary and Kearney as they take us through the book chapter by chapter, whetting our appetite to read more.

John Brownlie –  Time Running Out for SA WW1 Graves – The Headstone Project

By the end of WW1 over 400,000 Australians had volunteered to serve in the AIF.   Unbeknown to most of us, the gravesites of many of those WW1 Veterans could be lost to us forever as the law in regard to perpetuity becomes enforceable in SA and some other States. The Headstone Project came about in an effort to address the problems of WW1 Veterans’ unmarked graves and other issues…  but they need our help.  John Brownlie tells us the background story; what is being done; and what is needed.  They Served.  They Deserve to be remembered.

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