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Monday 21 May, 2018
6.00pm - 7.00pm

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Gunnedah and the 1st Armoured Division 1940s

During WW2, this sleepy little area of Northern NSW became home for a while to around 20,000 troops of Australia’s 1st Armoured Division.  Cate Clark, a Gunnedah local historian tells us why the troops were there, and the impact it had on the locals.  It’s a fascinating look at how Australia prepared for an expected invasion by the Japanese, and gives us a glimpse into country life of the era and little known Armoured Corps history.


Des Ross:  Piper extraordinary

Anyone who attends commemoration services in Adelaide and surrounds, is sure to have experienced at some time the lilt of bagpipes.  Chance as not, they’re being played by Des Ross.  Today we introduce you to Des  The ere sound of the popes conjures up tradition, ceremony and emotion but there’s more to Des’s story than bagpipes.. have a listen to this interview, and when you next attend a ceremony where kilted Des in playing, say hello.



Check out the RSL Virtual War Memorial about the 108th Anti-Tank Regiment which was formed in Adelaide at Wayville in January 1942, under the name of the 8th Anti-Tank Regiment.  In June 1942 the 108th regiment vacated Warradale Camp and was transferred via train to Tamworth in NSW, where the 1st Armoured Division was slowly being assembled with units coming from all around Australia for the first time.  Lots more information at the Virtual War Memorial.  It will give you a good background to our Armoured Units before you hear Cate Clark and the effect these massed troops had on a little rural region.