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Monday 25 June, 2018
6.00pm - 7.00pm

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Congratulations to us!  Our 100th Service Voices broadcast on Radio Adelaide!

Tom Austen:  Will Dunn – Dear Mother

1914 and the euphoria of enlistment was sweeping Australia’s young men and boys!  They were exhorted to fight to the last man and shilling.  19 year old Will Dunn was aboard the Orvieto in a convoy of more than 40 ships carrying 30,000 troops and nearly 8000 horses from both Australia and New Zealand, as it sailed from Albany on November 1, 1914.  Because Will wore a uniform, you could be forgiven for overlooking the fact that he was not quite out of his teens.   Fast forward to 1990, and the publication of a book called ‘Dear Mother‘.  It tells Will’s story based around his diary and some of the hundreds of letters he sent home to a loving family and friends. His words offer a fresh, perceptive, and utterly personal slant on going to war…. even as his destiny loomed.  Author Tom Austen tells us about it.

Phil Mason:  Our Merchant Navy

Many people (and the media) overlook the role our Royal Australian Navy have undertaken in the defence of Australia…  which is a very sad state of affairs…  but even more overlooked is the role that our Merchant Navy have played, and the terrible price they’ve paid.  Phil Mason, President of  The Merchant Navy Association of SA will be along to enlighten us on the details, and invite us all to attend the Sea Sunday ceremony on 8th July.



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