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Monday 13 August, 2018
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New Guinea during WW2 is the main focus for this broadcast…  with an interesting sideline of ecology.

Michael Veitch:   Number 75 Squadron RAAF

Author, actor, and former television and radio presenter Michael Veitch has long had an interest in military aviation history and the stories of those who served, resulting in his highly acclaimed stage productions and books.  Michael joins us to chat about the epic World War Two story of Australia’s No. 75 Squadron RAAF  and the 44 days in early 1942 when brave and barely trained pilots fought alone against the Japanese over the skies of New Guinea…

John Read: Ecologist, Grandson of WW2 RAAF Veteran.

New Guinea is a long way from the Eyre Peninsula where passionate ecologist John Read lives with his wife and young family on the largest private nature reserve in South Australia. So… what’s the tie?    In July 1942 John’s grandfather Edward Mobsby was one of the brave young RAAF pilots attached to an American bomber crew fighting the Japanese over the skies of New Guinea.  Mobsby never got to go home to his wife and children.   John Read is just one of many thousands of descendants of such Australian war veterans…  How did their loss affect the family?  John went searching for answers to why his grandfather enlisted….  but more than that,  he needed to investigate the value of cross-cultural dialogue in helping to spare future generations from the despair and waste of international conflict.

James Dorey: Bees of Australia

Service to country and community comes in many forms…  pause a while to consider what role our Australian native bees play in our wellbeing…  bees?  Yes, Bees.   Today another ecologist….  James Dorey will be along to tell us about Australia’s native bees.  James has been driven by a love of nature for as long as he can remember.  He believes that this love was first instilled in him when growing up surrounded by the rainforest that his father planted around their  house.   He carried that interest into his adult years and into a university degree, where he studied a bachelor of science in ecology and zoology at The University of Queensland, and recently published a highly acclaimed book about Australia’s Bees.


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