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Monday 20 August, 2018
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Bob Kearney:  The mystery of Celtic Wood

For 101 years it was the focus of speculation and debate!  History books and military records asked ‘…where did our Australian troops disappear to in the mists and muddy, bloody battle field of Celtic Wood?   How did they disappear?’  In 1917 World War I war correspondent and historian Charles Bean wrote…  ‘…and I believe that only one of them got back’.  They became known as Australia’s ‘Lost Company’. Fast forward to 2017.  It took the tenacity, calm logic and diligent research of South Australian Author, Army Veteran Robert (Dogs) Kearney to solve this mystery and he tells us about it on Service Voices.  Has his research been acknowledged and history re-written?  You’ll be shocked by the answer.

CODS:  Working class lads who took on the world, and fought a war in between

A rowing eight from Murray Bridge in South Australia overcame prejudice, age, injury and poverty to represent Australia at the 1924 Paris Olympics…  It’s an amazing story that has been made into a documentary film. Filmmakers Wayne Groom and Dr Carolyn Bilsborow, and author Dr James Hurst tell Service Voices Listeners about this extraordinary story of courage, humility, skill, class prejudice, war, sport and mateship. It was Australia’s greatest untold sporting story.

Note:  CODS: Paris or the Bush will be screened at The Regal Theatre, Kensington Park SA at 1pm on 4.11.18.  It’s a film about the famous Murray Bridge working class rowing eight who won the coveted Kings Cup three times from 1920-1923 and represented Australia at the 1924 Olympic Games in Paris. Australia’s greatest untold sporting story.


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