Service Voices

Monday 18 December, 2017
3.00pm - 4.00pm
Radio Adelaide 101.5 FM

Chris Burns:  Checking out the Mental Health of South Australia

SA Commissioner for Mental Health, Chris Burns gives us an interesting look at the situation here in South Australia.  What he has to say may surprise you. Do you know what a Mental Health First Aid Course is?  Chris explains that too.

Private Jamie Dennis: Serving in the Reserves

While Jamie Dennis is known at The Reject Shop for her ready smile and customer service skills, on Tuesday nights the 23-year old Store Manager from South Australia takes service to a different level.  For the past four years, Jamie has been a member of the Australian Army Reserve and parades every Tuesday night with the 9th Combat Service Support Battalion at Warradale Barracks in southern Adelaide.

Ash Starkey:  Valentine M. Starkey – Sleeping undisturbed at Bullecourt

When World War One Digger Valentine Montgomery Starkey fell in the brutal battle of Bullecourt in France, he could never have envisaged that in 2017 his great great nephew Ashley Starkey would be instrumental in ensuring that his resting place among the thousands who died there would remain undisturbed.

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