Service Voices

Monday 17 September, 2018
6.00pm - 7.00pm

Today is all about preserving history… our Guest Speakers have lots of interesting things to tell…

Ellen Parrick:  Brookton & Districts Historical Society

The little rural community of Brookton in Western Australia’s Wheatbelt region sent 157 of its young people off to serve in the horrors of WW1.  Three years spent researching the stories of those enlistees brought more connection and emotional stress into Ellen Parrick’s life than she had envisaged it would. Ellen tells us how the war affected the Brookton region… a story that was played out all over Australia.

Wendy Loneragan:  The Bedford Park Tuberculosis Sanatorium

Volunteer at the Mitcham Heritage Research Centre, Wendy Loneragan tells us some amazing history of the Bedford Park region. It was a farming area when, in a major development in the concept of rehabilitation of troops returning from WW1, the Tuberculosis Sanatorium was built on what is now the Flinders Medical Centre and Flinders University site. How does the Sanatorium’s story fit in with Keswick Barracks hospital, Angorichina in the Flinders Ranges and the current Bedford Industries? Wendy tells us.

Sharyn Roberts:  The VWM – Carrying forward for future generations

Chief Executive of the Virtual War Memorial, Sharyn Roberts  explains how the work that has been done by Ellen Parrick and Wendy Loneragan, other individuals, organisations and communities can be stored and available from the platform of the Virtual War Memorial.  The VWM’s versatility enhances the capacity for people to find and to record those stories of individuals who’ve gone to war for Australia… an invaluable central repository of diverse data with the ability to link from it to records held at National Archives, the AWM, Trove and literally anywhere that holds a digital source of information. Sharyn also explains about the VWM’s schools project… many of us have bemoaned the lack of Australian history being taught in our schools today, and this project by the VWM goes some way to addressing that, and getting our children interested in history.

Virtual War Memorial  – register now for the VWM’s fundraising dinner ‘Don’t Forget Me Cobber’


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