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Monday 01 January, 2018
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1918 heralded in the last year of the horrendous conflict that was World War One.  Today, 100 years on, our broadcast takes us to the beginning of that War, and one of Australia’s true heroines of WW1.

The World’s First Female War Correspondent.  Part One

As the Germans advanced on Antwerp (Belgium) at the beginning of World War One, petite Louise Creed was there awaiting their arrival, scared but determined to stay.  Louise, a Journalist from Sydney, had managed to get to Belgium as the first female war correspondent, reporting for the Evening News and the Daily Mail. Her eye-witness account of the German invasion of Antwerp and her adventures… A Woman’s Experiences in the Great War… was published in 1915.

Service Voices has a special arrangement with Bolinda Audiobooks to bring you Louise’s story…  before, during and after World War One.  It’s a fascinating tale, covering as it does, so much of Louise’s life.

Part 2 of this story will broadcast on 08.01.18.

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