Soldier On Pathways Networking Event

Tuesday 22 May, 2018
10.30am - 12.30pm
The Jamie Larcombe Centre Partnership Hub
Eucalyptus Road

The Adelaide Pathways Networking event is the first of three Adelaide Based events this year. It is generously being hosted by The Partnership Hub, Eucalyptus Road, Glenside. There is easy parking on site.

Soldier On will be inviting a range of Pledge Partners to facilitate a relaxed, informal connection building conversations with Participant and their families. We will be sending a summary of all companies attending the event to participants in the lead up to the night to ensure that the most beneficial meeting and networking connections can be made.

Light food will be provided and rooms will be set up with tables and chairs for companies and participants, with the event running similar to speed dating, allowing participants to talk with, gain understand and knowledge of opportunities and build networks for applications. The invitation is open to all Service Personnel and their families.

The Pathways Networking Events are being rolled out across the Soldier On Locations around Australia. The most recent event in Canberra was attended by over 30 participants and 20 Pledge companies. The aim of the evening was to connect service personnel, and their spouses, with potential employers. Employers and Pledge Partners of Soldier On presented opportunities available to the service community, post transition..

“The organisations who have come on board to help out [service personnel] is truly amazing”

Those in attendance were provided the opportunity to meet with all 20 employers and discuss roles that may be available, how their skills may translate to the civilian workforce and receive guidance on how to present themselves during the application process.

“This event helped me to extend my network and allowed me to see where my skills would be used”

Overwhelmingly, 100% of attendees and employers found the event to be extremely helpful, as it allowed them to connect directly, in a relaxed atmosphere, while still be able to have confidential conversations about employment.

“An opportunity to conduct informal, two-way interviews if very helpful.”

For many in the room, it was a chance to explore organisations that they may not have previously considered being a suitable place for them to work or for their skills to transfer to, post service. Employers reported that skills they are after include:

  • Leadership
  • Diligence
  • Change management
  • People management
  • Commitment
  • Analysis
  • Problem solving
  • Flexibility
  • Go to attitude
  • Dependability
  • Reliability
  • Defence culture
  • Knowledge of acronyms
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Drive to complete tasks

Soldier On has been focused in improving the opportunities that are available to service personnel and to ensure that employer, and the greater public, recognise that those who serve our country are assets to the community and the workplace. The 86 organisations who have signed the Soldier On Pledge and those are attending the Pathways Networking Events are proof that this message is being heard and we are so thankful to them.