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1st January


1901 Proclamation of the Commonwealth of Australia

1921 First Australian Imperial Force disbanded

1943 Anniversary of Commissioning: HMAS Kuttabul

1951 Battle of Uijonbu, Korea

1975 Office of Australian War Graves established

1992 1 Radar Surveillance Unit formed Alice Springs NT (1992)

2007 1 Airfield Operations Support Squadron formed Richmond NSW

2nd January

1943 Buna falls to the US32 Div and the Australian 18 Brigade

3rd January

1951 Seoul evacuated by UN Command Forces

4th January

1942 Japanese air attacks begin against Rabaul, New Britain so its airfields and harbour could be used as a base for attacks on New Guinea

5th January

1930 RAAF-piloted flight enabled Mawson to sight MacRobertson Land in Antarctica

1941 1941 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Bardia, Libya

1941 Capture of Bardia, Libya

1945 Battle of Lingayen Gulf involving HMAS Australia, HMAS Shropshire, HMAS Arunta

1969 Army Landing Ship AV1356 Clive Steel came under enemy rocket fire in South Vietnam

1973 Anniversary of Commissioning: HMAS Brunei

6th January

1905 Formation of the Military Board

7th January

1952 HMAS Tobruk bombards Chomi Do, Korea

8th January

1958 Last Australian Combat Troops depart Korea

9th January

1940 Australian Comforts Fund re-established

1940 First contingent of 2nd Australian Imperial Force embarks for the Middle East

10th January

1940 Second Australian Imperial Force sails for the Middle East

1942 Japanese air raid on Singapore

11th January

1961 RAAF raised first and only Surface-to-Air Missile unit

1993 C-130s deliver 1RAR advance party to Mogadishu, Somalia, for Operation Solace

12th January

1988 CAPT PJ McCarthy killed while serving with UNSTO Observer Gp Lebanon (1st Australian killed with UN)

13th January

1900 New South Welshmen attacked at Prieska by Boers.

14th January

1924 RAAF Experimental Section formed at Randwick, Sydney

1942 Battle of Gemas, Malaya

15th January

1915 Armed troops raid office of SA Attorney-General Hermann Homburg

1943 Battle of Sanananda, Papua New Guinea

1958 RAAF Base Butterworth (Malaysia) formed

1993 Main body of 1 RAR arrives in Somalia

16th January

1942 Battle of Muar, Malaya

17th January

1945 Battle of Tsimba Ridge, Bouganville

1955 RAAF Base Edinburgh formed

1991 Gulf War hostilities commence against Iraq

18th January

1915 SA Attorney-General Hermann Homburg resigns

1945 Battle of Balif, Papua New Guinea

19th January

1944 Battle of Shaggy Ridge begins

1945 Battle of Nambut Ridge, Papua New Guinea

20th January

1942 HMAS Deloraine, HMAS Katoomba, HMAS Lithgow sink Japanese submarine 1-124 off Darwin

1951 A Company 3 RAR occupied Ichon, Korea

1958 Anniversary of Commissioning: HMAS Creswell

21st January

1963 Royal Australian Navy School of Underwater Medicine was established at HMAS Ruschcutter, Sydney

1965 Malaysian Government made direct request for Australian troops in Borneo

22nd January

1941 Capture of Tobruk, North Africa

1943 HMAS Patricia Cam sunk by Japanese aircraft

23rd January

1942 Fall of Rabaul, Papua New Guinea

1944 Capture of Shaggy Ridge, Papua New Guinea

24th January

1945 Battle of Puriata River, Bouganville

1968 Battle of Bien-Hoa, South Vietnam

1990 Anniversary of Commissioning: HMAS Shepparton

25th January

1944 Battle of Sio-Sepik River, Papua New Guinea

1988 Anniversary of Commissioning: STS YOUNG ENDEAVOUR

26th January

1942 Battle of Jamuluang, Malaya

1943 Australia introduces conscription via the Defence (Citizen Military Force) Act 1943

1982 Unit/Corps Birthday: The Pilbara Regt

27th January

1918 Dunsterforce including hand picked Australian officers and NCOs; left Bagdad for Persia

28th January

1983 Anniversary of Commissioning: HMAS Sydney

29th January

1941 6 Division enter Derna, North Africa

1945 Sandakan, Borneo death march begins

30th January

1942 1st Australian Corps begins to return from Middle East

1942 Battle of Ambon and Laha, Gull Force

1951 Women's Royal Australian Air Force formed

31st January

1941 Advance party of 8 Division land in Malaya

1968 TET Offensive South Vietnam

1998 Anniversary of Commissioning: HMAS Farncomb

1st February

1974 Anniversary of Commissioning: HMAS Cairns

2nd February

1945 Battle of Mosigetta, Bougainville

1978 Headquarters Air Lift Group formed, Richmond NSW

1987 Combat Survival Training School formed, Townsville QLD

3rd February

1942 Australian Garrison on Ambon surrendered

4th February

1941 Approval given to form Australian Women's Army Service

5th February

1943 Japanese defeated at Wau, Papua New Guinea

1946 School of Air Warfare formed, East Sale VIC

6th February

1941 6th Division enter Benghazi, Libya

7th February

1979 C-130 evacuated Australians from Tehran during Iranian Revolution

8th February

1942 Battle for Singapore

1956 Institute of Aviation Medicine formed, Point Cook, VIC

1974 Anniversary of Commissioning: HMAS Betano

9th February

1943 Japanese defeat on Guadalcanal

10th February

1964 HMAS Melbourne & HMAS Voyager collision

11th February

1995 Advance party arrived in Rwanda

12th February

1940 The 2AIF began arriving in Egypt

2000 Anniversary of Commissioning: HMAS Hawkesbury

13th February

1945 Australian Lancaster squadrons take part in devastating raid in Dresden, Germany

1946 34AIF disembark at Kure, Japan as part of Commonwealth Occupation Force

1946 Australian personnel played a prominent role in the British Commonwealth Occupation Force in Japan at the conclusion of the Second World War

1972 RAAF ceases flying in Vietnam

14th February

1900 National Servicemen's Day

1951 Battle of Chuam-Ni, Korea

15th February

1942 Bangka Island Day

1942 Fall of Singapore

1992 Anniversary of Commissioning: HMAS Melbourne

16th February

1945 Battle of Barara, Bougainville

17th February

1970 Battle of Long Hai, South Vietnam

18th February

1902 Australian Army's first overseas deployment 1st Australian Commonwealth Horse Battalion sailed for South Africa

1941 1941 - Anniversary of the arrival of 8th Division troops in Singapore

19th February

1942 Bombing of Darwin

1942 First Japanese raid on Darwin

1942 Darwin bombed by Japanese. WGCDR A.R. Tindal becomes the first RAAF member to die on active service on Australian soil

1969 Battle of Hat Dich ends

20th February

1942 Battle of Koepang, West Timor

21st February

1916 Battle of Verdun commences

1918 Capture of Jerico, Palestine

1956 Lincoln bomber strike on communist camp in Malaya kills 14 guerrillas

22nd February

1942 General Douglas MacArthur ordered to leave the Philippines

23rd February

2000 Transition Day UNTAET East Timor

24th February

1991 Coalition forces invaded Iraq (Op Desert Storm)

25th February

1941 Women's Auxiliary Australian Air Force formed

1948 RAAF College officially opened to conduct officer education

1968 Centurion tanks of 1 Armd Regt arrived in South Vietnam

26th February

1942 Battle of Jamuluang, Malaya

27th February

1904 The Defence Act became Law

28th February

1942 Battle of Sundra Strait, HMAS Perth and USS Houston sunk after engaging Japanese forces

1991 Gulf War cessation of hostilities against Iraq

29th February

1972 HMAS Sydney arrives at Vung Tau

1st March

1901 Formation of Commonwealth Army and Navy forces

1904 First Defence Act passed by Federal Parliament

1914 First Australian military flight at Point Cook, VIC

1926 RAAF Base Laverton established

1972 Announcement of Republic of Vietnam Unit Citation to 2 Squadron

2003 Anniversary of Commissioning: HMAS Yarra

2nd March

1943 Battle of Bismarck Sea

3rd March

1943 Battle of the Bismark Sea - RAAF attacks made on Japanese convoy

2007 Anniversary of Commissioning: HMAS Bundaberg

4th March

1942 HMAS Yarra sunk by Japanese forces

1942 75 Squadron formed Townsville, QLD

5th March

1945 Battle of Waitavolo, New Britain

1990 RAAF Balloon took to the sky for the first time for promotional purposes

7th March

1951 Battle of Maehwa-san, Korea

8th March

1945 Battle of Maprik, Papua New Guinea

9th March

1942 Allied force in Java surrender to Japanese

1973 Anniversary of Commissioning: HMAS Labuan

10th March

1916 Australian Army Postal Corps formed

1938 RAAF Base Pearce established in Western Australia

11th March

1942 36 Squadron formed at Laverton, Victoria

1989 First Australian contingent to UNTAG in Namibia

12th March

1951 3 Royal Australian Regiment captured Hill 703 Korea

13th March

1901 General Order 10 notified disbandment of colonial military forces of newly formed Australian Army

14th March

1945 Anniversary of Commissioning: HMAS Watson

1951 3 Royal Australian Regiment captured Hill 410 Korea

15th March

1916 Australian Imperial Force depart Egypt for Western Front

1973 RAAF Memorial on Anzac parade in Canberra dedicated

16th March

1942 77 Squadron formed at Pearce, WA

1970 Anniversary of Commissioning: HMAS Coonawarra

17th March

1917 Battle of Bapaume, France

18th March

1941 16 Brigade arrived in Greece

19th March

1941 Battle of Giarabub, North Africa

20th March

1990 Anniversary of Commissioning: HMAS Benalla

2003 First RAAF bomb in conflict since Vietnam dropped in Iraq

2003 Second Gulf War commences

21st March

1918 Battle of the Somme, France

22nd March

1949 Crash of RAF Dakota at Lubeck kills sole RAAF casualty of Berlin Airlift

23rd March

1943 Personnel of Australian Army Nursing Service given Army ranks

24th March

1918 Raid into Jordan (Es Salt)

1944 'The Great Escape' from Stalag Luft 111, for which five Australian prisoners of war were executed

1945 Battle of Puriata River, Bouganville

1968 Battle of Bien-Hoa, South Vietnam

1990 Anniversary of Commissioning: HMAS Shepparton

25th March

1965 Sir Frederick Scherger is the first RAAF officer promoted Air Chief Marshal on the 26th March 1965

26th March

1917 First battle of Gaza, Palestine

27th March

1918 Battle of Jordan (Amman)

1918 Battle of Dernancourt, France

1953 77 Squadron fought its last air-to-air engagement of the Korean War

28th March

1941 Battle of Matapan, HMAS Perth, HMAS Stuart & HMAS Vendetta

29th March

1970 35 Squadron lost its only Caribou to enemy action in Vietnam

2003 Anniversary of Commissioning: HMAS Rankin

30th March

1952 2 Flying Training School formed, East Sale

31st March

1901 Formation of the Australian Air Force ('Royal' prefix added 13 Aug 1921)

1921 Formation of the [Royal] Australian Air Force (1921)

1988 RAAF Museum formed at Point Cook, Victoria

1989 RAAF Base Tindal opens in the Northern Territory

1989 RAAF Base Williams formed from amalgamation of commands of Laverton & Point Cook

2001 Anniversary of Commissioning: HMAS Warramunga

1st April

1948 First fighter squadrons of Citizen Air Force formed

1968 114 Mobile Control & Reporting Unit reformed, Amberley QLD (1968)

1989 RAAF Base Williams formed from amalgamation of commands of Laverton & Point Cook

2nd April

1917 The actions of J C Jensen at Noreuil, France lead to him being awarded a Victoria Cross

3rd April

1900 In 1885 at Tamai, a 770-man military contingent from New South Wales the largest from Australia) supported British involvement in Sudan.

4th April

1918 First battle of Villers Brettoneux, France

1918 Battle of Avre, France

1941 Battle of Er Regima, Tobruk

5th April

1918 Battle of Ancre, France

6th April

1918 Battle of Dernancourt, France

1941 Battle of Greece

1942 2 Operational Conversion Unit formed, Port Pirie SA

1965 Defence Act amended to enable conscripts to serve in combat operations in times when neither war nor Defence emergency has been declared

7th April

1967 Major P.J. Badcoe originally from Adelaide was awarded the Victoria Cross posthumously for a series of actions in South Vietnam

8th April

1918 Establishment of Repatriation Department

9th April

1917 Battle of Arras, France

1941 Siege of Tobruk begins, North Africa

1942 HMAS Vampire sunk by Japanese aircraft off Ceylon

1945 Battle of Haiwain River, Papua New Guinea

10th April

1941 Battle of Veve, Greece

1941 Battle of Mt Olympus, Greece

11th April

1917 First battle of Bullecourt, France

12th April

1918 Battle of Hazebrouck, France

13th April

1944 Battle of Bogadjim, Papua New Guinea

2002 Meritorious Unit Citation and emblems awarded to 10th Force Support Battalion and to unit members on parade at Lavarack Bks Townsville

14th April

1941 Second attack against Tobruk by Afrika Korps fails

15th April

1951 C Company of 3 Royal Australian Regiment captured Hill 'Salmon' Korea

16th April

1988 Australian Bicentennial Royal Guard mounted duty at Windsor Castle

17th April

1918 Battle of Kemmel, Belgium

1945 Halifax of 462 Squadron last Allied bomber downed by nightfighter

1945 Battle of Hongorai River, Bougainville

18th April

1941 Battle of Tempe Gorge, Greece

1966 First National Service troops emplaned for South Vietnam

19th April

1917 Second battle of Gaza, Palestine

1942 First message received from Australian guerillas operating in Timor

1944 Operation Cockpit, 6 Royal Australian Navy ships participate in attack on Sabang

1945 Disgruntled RAAF officers resigned in so-called 'Morotai Mutiny'

20th April

1915 The 'Half Flight' was the first Australian Flying Corps unit to see active service in WWI embarked for Mesopotamia on 20th April 1915

1915 Order for the first movement of troops to Gallipoli comes through for an April 23 landing but later delayed to 25 April due to poor weather.

1936 22 Squadron formed at Richmond, New South Wales

1936 21 Squadron formed at Laverton, Victoria

21st April

1918 Baron von Richthofen (The Red Baron) is shot down in France, and later buried by 3 Squadron Australian Flying Corps

1968 Battle of Coral-Balmoral, South Vietnam

1969 HMAS Hobart awarded USN Unit Commendation for service in Vietnam

2006 RAAF Transports flew in troops and police to deal with riots in Honiara, Solomon Islands

22nd April

1941 Battle of Brallos Pass, Greece

1941 Evacuation of Greece begins marking the end of the ill-conceived Greek campaign which lasted only three weeks.

1942 RAAF Base East Sale formed in Victoria

1943 Battle of Bobdubi 1, Papua New Guinea

1943 Battle of Mubo 1, Papua New Guinea

1951 Battle of Kapyong, Korea

23rd April

1942 "Kanga Force" formed for guerilla ops in Papua New Guinea

1951 Battle of Kapyong, Korea. 3 Royal Australia Regiment was awarded a United States Presidential citation for their part in the battle.

1967 First RAAF bombing operations in Vietnam

1981 Anniversary of Commissioning: HMAS Tobruk

1986 Anniversary of Commissioning: HMAS Success

24th April

1915 South Australian Troops from the 10th Battalion boarded the Prince of Wales and Foxhound bound for Gallipoli

1915 At dawn on April 24th, four ships, carrying chiefly the 1st Australian Infantry Brigade, sailed from Mudros bound

1918 Lieutenant C.W.K. Sadlier, 51st Battalion, AIF, originally from Camberwell, Vic., wins the Victoria Cross at Villers Bretonneux

1918 Second battle of Villers-Bretonneux, Western Front

1941 Operation Demon Royal Australian Navy ships provide cover for evacuation of Greece

1945 Battle of Puriata River, Bouganville

1951 Kapyong Day

1968 Battle of Bien-Hoa, South Vietnam

1990 Anniversary of Commissioning: HMAS Shepparton

25th April

1915 SA troops from the 10th Battalion were among the first troops to land on Gallipoli

1915 SA Troops from the 10th Battalion landed at Gallipoli

1915 ANZAC Day

1915 Anniversary of Gallipoli landings

1915 HMA Submarine AE2 penetrates the Dardanelles

1975 RAAF C-130 evacuated Australian embassy before fall of Saigon

26th April

1944 Alexishafen, New Guinea occupied by Australian Troops

1953 Korea War ceasefire talks resume in Panmunjong

27th April

1915 Turkish troops at Gallipoli launched a counter attack against the ANZAC's at Baby 700 and Battleship Hill

28th April

1915 First battle for Krithia, Gallipoli

1941 Air Training Corps formed from RAAF Cadets

29th April

1940 Central Flying School formed at Point Cook, Victoria

1965 Prime Minister Menzies announces that Australia has committed an Australian Infantry battalion to the War in Vietnam

1993 Flying training ended at Point Cook, Victoria

30th April

1915 HMA Submarine AE2 scuttled in Sea of Marmara (1915)

1918 Battle of Jordan Es Salt

1941 Battle of the Salient, North Africa

1941 General Blamey conducted a skillful evacuation of the ANZAC Corps from southern Greece at the end of the campaign.

1951 24 Squadron reformed , Mallala SA

1st May

1945 Operation Iceberg, Royal Australia Navy ships participate in the invasion of Okinawa

1962 Air Movements Training & Development Unit formed at Richmond New South Wales

1977 WRAAF and RAAF Nursing Service fully integrated into Air Force

2nd May

1939 RAAF Base Garbutt (Townsville) established

3rd May

1917 Second attack on Bullecourt

4th May

1942 Battle of Coral Sea begins in which RAAF reconnaissance missions are flown.

1942 Battle of the Coral Sea

1966 1 Australian Task Force arrived at Vung Tau, South Vietnam

2002 Anniversary of Commissioning: HMAS Diamantina

5th May

1915 Germany occupies Warsaw

1998 HMAS Westralia Fire

6th May

1917 Corporal G.J. Howell, 1st Battalion, originally of Enfield, NSW, wins the Victoria Cross near Bullecourt.

1969 Warrant Officer Class 2 R.S. Simpson, originally from Chippendale, NSW, is awarded the Victoria Cross in Kontum Province, South Vietnam

7th May

1915 German U-Boat sinks British ocean liner RMS Lusitania

1943 'M' Special Force formed to conduct special ops in Papua New Guinea

1945 Victory in Europe

8th May

1915 Second battle of Krithia, as part of the Gallipoli Campaign, Turkey

1945 Battle of Wewak, Papua New Guinea

1945 Separate surrender of Germany to the Soviet Union

1945 Victory in Europe Day (VE Day)

9th May

1945 Soviet Victory in Europe day.

10th May

1915 Battle of Quinn's Post at Gallipoli, Turkey

1964 First Australian contingent arrived in Borneo

11th May

1969 Warrant Officer Class 2 R.S. Simpson, originally from Chippendale, NSW, is awarded the Victoria Cross in Kontum Province, South Vietnam

1981 School of Air Traffic Control formed at East Sale, Victoria

12th May

1945 Corporal J.B. Mackey, 2/3rd Pioneer Battalion, originally from Leichhardt, NSW, is awarded the Victoria Cross on Tarakan

1968 Battle of Fire Support Base 'Coral' South Vietnam

13th May

1943 Axis forces surrender in Tunisia meant the end of the three-year-long North African campaign

1945 Battle of Egan's Ridge-Hongorai Ford, Bougainville

1965 Voluntary Aid Detachments (VADs) disbanded

14th May

1943 Australian Hospital Ship Centaur sunk

1956 2nd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, attacks communist terrorists near Sungai Siput, Malaya

15th May

1901 Lieutenant F.W. Bell, 6th West Australian Mounted Infantry, of Perth, Western Australia, wins the Victoria Cross at Brakpan, South Africa.

1915 Major General W.T. Bridges commander of the First Division, Australian Imperial Force was wounded at Gallipoli

1942 Prisoners of Japanese transported to begin work on Burma–Thailand Railway

1945 Private E. Kenna, 2/4th Battalion, originally from Hamilton, Victoria, wins the Victoria Cross near Wewak, New Guinea.

1999 Anniversary of Commissioning: HMAS Huon (1999)

16th May

1901 Lieutenant F.W. Bell, 6th West Australian Mounted Infantry, of Perth, Western Australia, awarded the Victoria Cross at Brakpan, South Africa

17th May

1943 RAAF members in famous 'Dambusters' raid on German industry

1945 Battle of Commando Road, Bougainville

18th May

1915 Major General W.T. Bridges commander of the First Division, Australian Imperial Force was died of wounds suffered at Gallipoli

1996 Anniversary of Commissioning: HMAS ANZAC

1998 395 Expeditionary Combat Support Wing formed, Amberley QLD

1998 Headquarters Combat Support Group formed, Amberley QLD

19th May

1915 Battle of ANZAC Gallipoli, Turkey

1915 Private JS Kirkpatrick (aka Simpson) killed by sniper at Gallipoli, Turkey

1924 Goble and McIntyre complete the first flight around Australia

20th May

1941 Battle of Crete

1941 Royal Australian Navy ships assist in the withdrawal of Allied Forces

1941 Battles of Heraklion and Retimo, Crete

21st May

1940 German forces break through to English Channel at Abbeville, France

1987 Warning Order issued to 1 Royal Australian Regiment for Operation Morris Dance, Fiji coup

22nd May

1971 4 Royal Australian Regiment arrived in South Vietnam, last Australian Battalion to serve in conflict

23rd May

1915 Italy declares war on Austria-Hungry

1945 Order issued to 1 Aust Corps to seize and occupy Balikpapan on Borneo

24th May

1915 A formal truce was declared on Gallipoli during which the Turkish dead of the 19 May attacks were buried.

1966 Anniversary of the death of Private Errol Wayne Noack. Private Noack was the first National Serviceman to die in Vietnam

1968 Battle of Fire Support Base Coral-Balmoral, South Vietnam

25th May

2006 RAAF transports delivered new peacekeeping force to Timor Leste

26th May

1915 "A" siege Battery formed from Royal Australian Garrison Artillery to serve with the Australian Imperial Force in France/Belgium.

1968 Fire Support Base Balmoral, was attacked by a North Vietnamese Army battalion

27th May

2000 Anniversary of Commissioning: HMAS Leeuwin & HMAS Melville

28th May

1941 Withdrawal to Sphakia, Crete

1970 Australian Army Training Team Vietnam awarded US Meritorious Unit Citation, South Vietnam

29th May

1900 Action at Witwatersrand, South Africa

1915 Turkish attack on Quinn's Post at Gallipoli, Turkey

1941 HMAS Perth was damaged during the evacuation of Allied troops from Crete

30th May

1900 Aboriginal Veterans Commemorative Service

1916 Australian Soldiers' Repatriation Fund Act legislated by Commonwealth Parliament

1942 460 Squadron takes part in the first 1,000 bomber raid (on Cologne Germany)

1990 Government announces females will be accepted in all Army employments except infantry, artillery, amour and combat engineers

31st May

1902 Treaty ending Boer War signed in Pretoria, South Africa

1902 Anniversary of the of the signing of the Treaty of Vereeniging that ended the South African War in 1902.

1971 Last RAAF bombing operations in Vietnam

1st June

1940 RAAF Base Darwin formed

1942 HMAS Kuttabul - lost during the Japanese midget submarine attack on Sydney Harbour

1962 Sabres of 79 Squadron arrive at Ubon, Thailand to counter communist threat

1973 First batch of F-111's for the RAAF delivered from the US

2nd June

1945 Battle of Hari River Bougainville

1950 First RAAF operations of the Korean War

3rd June

1969 HMAS Melbourne/USS Frank E Evans collision, 74 lives lost

4th June

1942 Battle of Midway

1971 2 Squadron departs South Vietnam. Awarded the USAF Outstanding Unit Award & Republic of Vietnam Unit Citation for distinguished service

5th June

1916 First Australian operation in France

6th June

1944 Operation Overlord landings at Normandy 200 Royal Australian Navy personnel assigned to various Royal Navy forces

1944 D-Day, invasion of Normandy

1969 Battle of Binh-Ba, South Vietnam

7th June

1917 Battle of Messines, Belgium

1945 Battle of Bonis-Porton, Bougainville

8th June

1941 7 Division spearheads invasion of Vichy controlled Syria, Middle East

9th June

1941 Battle of the Litani River, Syria

10th June

2015 Iraq / Afghanistan Veterans' Day

11th June

1940 Australia declared war on Italy

1943 HMAS Wallaroo sunk following collision with American liberty ship

12th June

1996 Two Blackhawk helicopters collided at High Range, killing 18 crew and SASR soldiers

13th June

1941 Battle of Sidon, Syria 7 Div

1945 Battle of Ogorata River, Bougainville

14th June

1941 Battle of Jezzine, Syria 7 Div

15th June

1973 Anniversary of Commissioning: HMAS Tarakan

16th June

1942 HMAS Nestor sunk in the Mediterranean

1948 State of Emergency declared in Malaya

17th June

1940 RAAF Base Amberley established

18th June

1940 Flt Lt J. Bell and Sgt C. Harris become the RAAF's first fatalities on active service (10 Squadron, England)

1953 Australian PoWs released at Panmunjon, Korea

19th June

1941 Battle of Wadi Zieni, Syria,

1950 Anniversary of the Malayan Emergency

20th June

1944 HMAS Matafele presumed foundered

1947 Australian Women's Army Service disbanded

21st June

1911 First cadets (42) inducted into RMC Duntroon

1941 Damascus fell to allies, Syria,

22nd June

1941 Battle of Dimas, Syria

23rd June

1966 HQ 1 ASLG opened in Vung Tau, South Vietnam

2007 Anniversary of Commissioning: HMAS Wollongong

24th June

1942 Rommel's German Afrika Korps attacks Egypt, forcing Allied forces back to El Alamein

2005 Anniversary of Commissioning: HMAS Armidale

25th June

1950 North Korean People's Army crossed border into South Korea beginning the Korean War

26th June

1941 Battle of Cheheim and Rharife, Syria (Lebanon)

1945 26 June 1945 - Battle of Mivo River, Bougainville

1945 Battle of Beaufort, Borneo

2004 Anniversary of Commissioning: HMAS Ballarat (2004)

27th June

1911 RMC officially opened by the Governor-General

28th June

1914 Franz Ferdinand assassinated at Sarajevo (1914)

1940 Test cricketer Don Bradman enlisted in the wartime RAAF

29th June

1950 Australia commits military units to the United Nations Force in Korea

30th June

1925 RAAF Base Richmond formed

1941 HMAS Waterhen sunk off Tobruk

1943 Battle of Nassau Bay, Papua New Guinea

1943 Battle of Bobdubi II, Papua New Guinea

1988 First females graduated as pilots in the RAAF

1st July

1943 Anniversary of Commissioning: HMAS Harman

1977 92 Wing formed, Edinburgh SA

1990 84 Wing reformed, Richmond, NSW

2000 78 Wing reformed, Williamtown, NSW

2002 Joint Electronic Warfare Operational Support Unit formed at Salisbury SA

2006 Re-formation of 87 Squadron at Edinburgh, SA

2nd July

1915 First Violet Day

1945 Battle of Mivo Ford, Bougainville

3rd July

1900 400 Imperial Bushmen in action at Leeuw Kop, South Africa

4th July

1918 Battle of Hamel, France

1918 Lance Corporal T.L. Axford, 16th Battalion, originally from Carrieton, SA, earns the Victoria Cross at Vaire & Hamel Woods,

5th July

1945 Prime Minister John Curtin led Australia through the Second World War and died in office in 1945

6th July

1915 HMAS Pioneer bombards the German cruiser Konigsberg, Rufigi River, East Africa

7th July

1942 Australia's 9th Division saw action at El Alamein

2007 Anniversary of Commissioning: HMAS Childers

8th July

1941 Battle of Hill 1069, Syria (Lebanon)

1942 460 Squadron raids Wilhelmshaven a major German port severely damaging an armour plate shop and the Deutsche Werke ship building yards

1943 2 & 13 Squadron awarded US Presidential Unit Citation

9th July

1940 Battle of Calabria, HMAS Sydney, HMAS Stuart, HMAS Vampire & HMAS Voyager

10th July

1911 Commonwealth Naval Forces granted the title Royal Australian Navy

1940 75th Anniversary of the beginning of the Battle of Britain

1940 Beginning of the Battle of Britain

1945 Operations commence in Borneo (Labuan)

1999 Anniversary of Commissioning: HMAS Waller

11th July

1941 Vichy French surrender in Syria

12th July

1941 Armistice agreed in Syria

1960 Malayan Emergency declared at an end

13th July

1918 10 Brigade took the town of Merris, France (1918)

14th July

1942 Anniversary of Commissioning: HMAS Penguin

1967 Formation of Royal Navy Helicopter Flight Vietnam (1967)

15th July

1940 The Volunteer Defence Force (VDC), composed mainly of First World War veterans, was formed for home defence by the RSL

2006 Anniversary of Commissioning: HMAS Albany

16th July

1943 Battle of Mount Tambu, Papua New Guinea

17th July

1918 Lieutenant A.C. Borella, 26th Battalion, originally from Borung, Victoria, is awarded the Victoria Cross at Villers-Bretonneux, France.

1945 HMAS Quiberon & HMAS Quickmatch bombard Japan (1945)

18th July

1942 Attack by 2/28 Battalion on Makh Khad Ridge (Alamein)

1946 86 Wing formed at Schofields NSW

19th July

1916 Second battle of Fromelles, France, 5 Div

1916 Battle of Fromelles in which troops from SA's 32nd Battalion took part and suffered heavy losses

1940 HMAS SYDNEY sinks the italian cruiser Bartolomeo Colleoni

20th July

1918 Battle of Tarnedois, France

1918 Battle of the Marne, France

21st July

1942 Battle of Sanyet el Miteriya, North Africa

1950 Dakota transports commenced operations in Malayan Emergency (1950)

1969 HMAS Perth awarded USN Unit Commendation for Service in Vietnam (1969)

1984 Anniversary of Commissioning: HMAS Darwin

22nd July

1917 Four members of the Australian Army Nursing Service, Sisters Cawood, Deacon and Ross-King and Staff Nurse Derrer, won Military Medals

1938 The Australian National War Memorial opened at Villers-Bretonneux, France

1942 Battle of Kokoda Trail, Papua New Guinea,

23rd July

1916 Lieutenant A.S. Blackburn, 10th Battalion, originally from Woodville, South Australia, wins the Victoria Cross at Pozières, France.

1916 The Battle for Pozières Village commenced on the 23 July 1916 and continued through to 29 July

1970 817 Squadron awarded USN Meritorious Unit Commendation for search and rescue operations following the loss of the USS FRANK E EVANS

24th July

1927 The Menin Gate Memorial to the missing from World War One including 6,176 Australians missing in the battles near Ypres, Belgium is opened

1953 Battle of the Samichon, Korea, 2 RAR

2003 Headquarters Aerospace Operational Support Group formed at Edinburgh SA

25th July

1942 Battle of Kokoda-Deniki, Papua New Guinea

26th July

1940 Anniversary of Formation: RAAF Nursing Service

1942 Battle of Quattara Track, North Africa,

27th July

1900 Korea Veterans' Day

1953 Korean War ceasefire agreement signed at Panmunjom, Korea

1996 Anniversary of Commissioning: HMAS Collins

2006 RAAF C-130 began evacuation of Australian nationals from Lebanon

28th July

1914 Austria declares war on Serbia

1952 78 Fighter Wing, consisting of Nos 75 & 76 Squadrons, arrives in Malta for three years on garrison duties

1978 Anniversary of Commissioning: HMAS Stirling

29th July

1938 Govt announced plan to established force of regular troops to defence Darwin - the Darwin Mobile Force -first Australian regular field force

1942 Townsville bombed by Japanese aircraft

1951 First RAAF jet combat mission (Korean War)

2006 Anniversary of Commissioning: HMAS Pirie

30th July

1960 State of Emergency lifted in Malaya, however Communist terrorists continued to operate for several more years

31st July

1914 Andrew Fisher promises Britain "last man and shilling"

1917 Third Battle of Ypres, Belgium, Aust Corps (1917)

1st August

1914 Germany declares war on Russia

1999 Surveillance & Control Training Unit formed, Williamtown NSW

2nd August

1914 Joseph Cook "When the Empire is at war, so is Australia at War."

1941 Last major action involving Australians at Tobruk

1954 1 Recruit Training Unit formed, Richmond NSW

3rd August

1914 Germany declares war on France

1915 First cohort of Dardanelles wounded arrives in Semaphore on HMAT Ballarat

1916 The Australian Light Horse was involved in the battle of Romani, Egypt. The battle signalled the end of the defence of the Suez Canal.

4th August

1914 Great Britain declared war on Germany and as a result Australia was at war

5th August

1914 Emergency regulations foreshadowed by SA Premier Peake in Parliament.

1916 The Battle of Mouquet Farm, Pozieres (France) commenced on this day resulting in more than 11,000 AIF casualties over a 4 week campaign

1916 Mouquet Farm, near Pozières, was the focus of nine separate attacks by Australian troops between 5 August and 3 September, 1916

1944 Mass breakout of Japanese prisoners at Cowra prisoner-of-war camp, NSW

1944 Cowra Breakout (1944)

1988 New RAAF Base Scherger opened near Weipa, QLD

6th August

1900 South Australian ship Protector sails for Boxer Rebellion under the command of CAPT WR Creswell

1915 Battle of Lone Pine,Seven Victoria Crosses awarded.

1915 Battle for Lone Pine, Gallipoli

1945 First atom bomb dropped - Hiroshima

1976 Battle of Suoi Chau Pa, South Vietnam, 7 RAR

7th August

1915 Battle of the Nek, Gallipoli,

1942 Operation Watchtower, invasion of Guadalcanal HMAS Australia, HMAS Canberra & HMAS Hobart

8th August

1915 Lance Corporal L. Keysor, originally from London, wins the Victoria Cross at Lone Pine, Gallipoli.

1916 German Schools Discontinuance Bill

1916 Battle for Mouquet Farm, France. 11,000 Australians were killed or wounded in the fighting around Mouquet Farm.

1918 Lieutenant A.E. Gaby, originally from Springfield, Tasmania, is posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross at Villers-Bretonneux.

1918 Battle of Amiens, France,

1964 First RAAF presence in Vietnam - Caribous of RAAF Transport Flight Vietnam arrive at Vung Tau

9th August

1918 Battle of Lihons, France 1, 2 & 5 Div

1942 Battle of Savo Island, loss of HMAS Canberra

1945 Second atom bomb dropped - Nagasaki

1994 OP CORACLE mounted with Australian engineers assisting the clearance of mines in Mozambique

10th August

1914 Recruiting for the AIF began

1914 Voluntary recruitment for the First AIF begins

1914 10th Battalion commences recruiting

1914 1st War Premiers' Conference

1919 Corporal A. Sullivan, 45th Battalion, Royal Fusiliers (ex-AIF), from Crystal Brook, SA awarded a Victoria Cross at Dvina River, North Russia

1973 Anniversary of Commissioning: HMAS Wewak

11th August

1900 The Protector leaves Sydney for the Boxer Rebellion. She was the flagship of South Australia's naval force and the longest-serving ship

1966 End of Malaysian-Indonesian 'Confrontation'

12th August

1914 Battle of Herbertshohe, New Britain

1918 GEN Monash knighted in the field by king George V - the first time this distinction had occurred for nearly 200 years

13th August

1914 Prices Regulation Act

1921 Royal prefix added to Australian Air Force title

1941 The Australian Women's Army Service was established to release men from certain military duties for service with fighting units

14th August

1953 RAAF Sabre first to break the sound barrier in Australia

15th August

1945 Victory in the Pacific Day

16th August

1915 Torrens Island Camp closes

1966 Heavy VC mortaring of ATF Base at Nui Dat resulted in 24 wounded

17th August

1915 Sir Ian Hamilton informed Lord Kitchener that the August offensive had failed and requested 45,000 reinforcements and 50,000 additional men

2002 Anniversary of Commissioning: HMAS Stuart

18th August

1959 Last RAAF Canberra bombing strike of the Malayan Emergency

1966 Vietnam Veterans' Day

1966 Battle of Long Tan, South Vietnam

1967 Australian Submarine Squadron established

1989 RAAF pilots begin six months' service during airline pilots' dispute

19th August

1914 Australian Naval and Military Expeditionary Force (AN&MEF) sailed for German New Guinea

1941 Relief of Australian troops in Tobruk

20th August

1994 Main body of Australian contingent to UNAMIR II arrived in Kigali, Rwanda

21st August

1915 ANZAC troops attack Hill 60 as part of the August Offensive at Gallipoli

1945 Japanese on Ambon surrendered

22nd August

1942 18th Australian Brigade land at Milne Bay, New Guinea

23rd August

1918 Lieutenant W.D. Joynt, 8th Battalion, originally from Elsternwick, Victoria, wins the Victoria Cross at Herleville Wood, France.

1918 Lieutenant L.D. McCarthy, 16th Battalion, originally from York, Western Australia, wins the Victoria Cross at Madame Wood, France.

24th August

1916 Official inauguration of the Australian Comforts Fund

25th August

1942 Japanese mount amphibious operation against Milne Bay

1942 75 and 76 Squadrons go into action in the Battle for Milne Bay (Papua New Guinea)

1944 82 Wing formed Ballarat VIC

1948 First transport crews leave Australia to take part in the Berlin Airlift

26th August

1942 Battle of Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea

2000 Anniversary of Commissioning: HMAS Norman

2006 Anniversary of Commissioning: HMAS Perth

27th August

1914 First known Australian killed fighting on the Western Front

28th August

1945 Ships of the Royal Australian Navy joined Royal Navy and United States Navy in Tokyo Bay to receive Japanese surrender on 2 September

1970 HMAS Perth awarded USN Meritorious Unit Commendation for service in Vietnam

29th August

1919 Battle of Emptsa

1941 No 455 Squadron became the first Australian unit to bomb Germany

1942 HMAS Arunta sinks Japanese submarine RO-33

1994 Anniversary of Commissioning: HMAS Kanimbla

30th August

1942 Battle of Alam el Halfa, North Africa, 9 Div

31st August

1900 Malaya & Borneo Veterans' Day

1918 Battle of Mont St Quentin, France, Aust Corps

1948 Anniversary of Commissioning: HMAS Albatross

1965 End of the Indonesian Confrontation

1st September

1900 Trooper J H Bisdee, originally from Hutton Park, Tasmania, wins the Victoria Cross at Warm Bad, South Africa

1915 Wattle Day

1918 Sergeant A D Lowerson, 21st battalion, originally from Myrtleford, Victoria, is awarded the Victoria Cross at Mont St Quentin.

1918 Sergeant A D Lowerson, 21st battalion, originally from Myrtleford, Victoria, is awarded the Victoria Cross at Mont St Quentin.

1918 Lieutenant E T Towner, 2nd Machine Gun Battalion, Blackall, Queensland, wins the Victoria Cross at Mont St Quentin.

1918 Temporary Corporal A H Buckley, 54th Battalion, from Warren, New South Wales, is posthumosly awarded the Victoria Cross at Péronne.

1918 Private W M Currey, 53rd Battalion, originally from Wallsend, New South Wales, is awarded the Victoria Cross at Péronne.

1923 First Air Force Act received Governor-General's assent

1951 ANZUS Treaty signed

2nd September

1918 Corporal L C Weathers, of South Australia's 43rd Battalion, is awarded the Victoria Cross at Péronne capturing 180 prisoners & machine guns

1945 GEN Blamey signs the Japanese Instrument of Surrender for Australia aboard USS Missouri

3rd September

1915 Britain, France, Australia, and New Zealand declare war on Germany

1915 Temporary Lieutenant W T Dartnell, Royal Fusiliers, originally from Melbourne, is awarded the Victoria Cross at Maktau, British East Africa

1939 Australia declares itself at war with the Axis Powers

1958 First strike by Canberra jet bombers during Malayan Emergency

2017 Merchant Navy Day

4th September

1975 RAAF Caribou hijacked by armed soldiers fleeing war in Portuguese Timor

5th September

1914 German advance on Paris halted

1942 US General Kenney formed Australian air units into 'RAAF Command'

1991 MINURSO formed to monitor the ceasefire between Western Sahara and Morocco - The Australian Army provided a communications contingent

2008 C-17 Globemaster carried out first aeromedical evacuation mission

6th September

1999 RAAF in operation to evacuate UN and foreign nationals from East Timor

7th September

1915 Australia's First Anzac Gallipoli memorial service conducted at the Australasian Soldiers Dardanelles Cenotaph in Adelaide

2015 100th Anniversary of the first Gallipoli Anzac Memorial Service at the Australasian Soldiers Dardanelles Cenotaph, Adelaide South Australia

8th September

1943 Battle of Busu River, Papua New Guinea

1954 Australia signed the Manila Treaty to form a military alliance with France, US, UK, NZ, Philippines, Pakistan and Thailand; known as SEATO

1964 76 Squadron deployed to Darwin in case of Indonesian attack

9th September

1945 GEN Blamey accepted surrender of LTGEN Fusataro Teshima, Commander of 11 Japanese Army, at Morotai, ending Australian military operations

10th September

1943 Italy signs armistice with the Allies

11th September

1914 Australian Forces occupy German New Guinea

1943 Battle of Lae Road, Papua New Guinea

2014 Bita Paka Day

12th September

1900 Australian Peacekeepers Day

1944 Sinking of the Rakuyo Maru and Kachidoki Maru

13th September

1947 HMAS Warrnambool sunk during post war minesweeping operations

14th September

1914 HMA Submarine AE 1 presumed lost off New Britain

1947 First Australian peacekeepers take up UN duties in Indonesia

2001 Federal Government invokes ANZUS Treaty following terrorist attacks in the United States

15th September

1939 38 Squadron formed at Richmond, NSW

1939 Govt announced formation of Second AIF of 20 000 men for overseas service (the new Division to be raised was the 6th)

1940 Battle of Britain Day

1948 RAAF contribution to Berlin Airlift (Operation Pelican) begins

1953 RAAF Lincolns flew through atomic test cloud at EMU Field, SA (1953)

2016 Battle of Britain Day

16th September

1943 Capture of Lae, Papua New Guinea by troops from the 7 and 9 Division

2006 Anniversary of Commissioning: HMAS Sirus

17th September

1950 Advance party of 3 RAR arrived in Korea

18th September

1918 Battle of Epehy (one of the Battles of the Hindenberg Outpost Line) France 1 & 4 Div

1918 Private James P Woods, from Two Wells, SA, is awarded the Victoria Cross at Le Viguier, France, on one of the last engagements of WWI

19th September

1918 Battles of Meggido, Nablus and Sharon, Palestine

1943 While heavily outnumbered 2/6 IND Coy captured and held Kaiapit in the Markham Valley in one of the outstanding Australian actions of WWII

20th September

1917 Battle of the Menin Road (part of the Third Battle of Ypres), Belgium

1965 No. 1 Combat Communications Squadron formed, Richmond NSW

1999 INTERFET landed in East Timor

21st September

1939 11 Squadron formed at Richmond, NSW

22nd September

1943 Landing at Finschhafen (Scarlet Beach), Papua New Guinea

2007 Anniversary of Commissioning: HMAS Launceston

23rd September

1943 Battle of Bumi River, Papua New Guinea

1969 Clearance Diving Team 3 awarded USN Meritorious Unit Commendation for service in Vietnam (1969)

24th September

1914 Completion of the seizure of German New Guinea

25th September

1918 Amman, Palestine Captured by the Anzac Mounted Division in the final days of fighting the Turkish armies in Palestine

1942 HMAS Voyager wrecked on the coast of Timor

26th September

1917 Battle of Polygon Wood (part of Third Battle of Ypres), Belgium 4 & 5 Div

27th September

1918 Battle of the Hindenberg Line, France 3 & 5 Div

1974 Anniversary of Commissioning: HMAS Balikpapan

28th September

1950 3rd Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment arrives in Korea

29th September

1918 Battle of St Quentin Canal, France 3 & 5 Div

1997 Transport support provided by RAAF for Bougainville peace talks

2006 Anniversary of Commissioning: HMAS Maitland

30th September

1918 Private EA Corey, stretcher bearer with 55 Battalion, won a third bar to his Military Medal, the only soldier to be earn this award 4 times

1st October

1918 Capture of Damascus, Syria,

1998 Headquarters Surveillance & Response Group formed, Williamtown NSW

2nd October

1943 Finschhafen captured, Papua New Guinea

2005 RAAF medivac of victims of 2005 Bali bombing

3rd October

1918 Battle of Beaurevoir, France, Australian Corps

1943 Battle of Jivenaneng-Kumawa, Papua New Guinea

1951 Battle of Kowang-San, Korea 3 RAR

4th October

1913 Arrival of the Australian Fleet Unit in Sydney

2003 Anniversary of Commissioning: HMAS Parramatta

5th October

1918 Battle of Montbrehain (part of the Battle of the Hindenburg Line), France,

1951 Battle of Maryang-San, Korea, 3 RAR

6th October

1943 Battle of Shaggy Ridge, Papua New Guinea

7th October

1950 The United Nations General Assembly authorised UN command forces to pursue North Korean troops across the 38th parallel

8th October

1915 Soldiers Liquor Restriction Bill

1942 Battle of Eora Creek-Templeton's Crossing II, Papua New Guinea

1993 At Arawa, Bougainville, ADF personnel, together with Tongan, Fijian and Vanuatan troops, landed as part of Op Lagoon

2005 Anniversary of Commissioning: HMAS Toowoomba

9th October

1914 Torrens Island Internment Camp opens

1917 Battle of Poelcappelle, Belgium, 2 Div

1947 RAAFs first helicopter test flown at Laverton

1953 RAAF Canberra came second in London-Christchurch air race

10th October

1914 Antwerp falls to German forces

1919 Treaty of Versailles signed to end WW1

1990 HMAS Brisbane and Sydney leave for the Persian Gulf to join multinational naval force as part of Operation Desert Shield

11th October

2007 2/30 Training Group formally established

12th October

1917 First Battle of Passchendaele, Belgium 3 & 4 Div

13th October

2002 RAAF medivac of victims of the 2002 Bali bombing

14th October

1950 3 RAR suffered its first casualties of the Korean War

15th October

1940 3 Combat Support Hospital formed at Richmond, NSW

16th October

1943 Defence of Scarlet Beach, Papua New Guinea

1967 Royal Australian Navy Helicopter Flight Vietnam integrated with the US Army 135th Assault Helicopter Company in South Vietnam

17th October

1950 Battle of Sariwon, Korea, 3 RAR

2001 Prime Ministerial announcement of Australia's commitment to the War of Terrorism, Op SLIPPER

18th October

1943 Battle of Siki, Cover, Papua New Guinea

1944 HMAS Geelong sunk following collision with American tanker

19th October

1940 7 Div sailed for the Middle East

20th October

1914 10th Battalion embark from Outer Harbour on HMAT Ascanius

1944 Battle of Leyte Gulf

1992 First Australian troops arrived in Somalia

2000 396 Combat Support Wing formed Darwin

21st October

1916 The 5th Australian Division entered the Western Front front line near Flers on the Somme

22nd October

1942 Battle of Goodenough Island, Papua New Guinea

1950 Battle of Yongyu, Korea, 3 RAR

23rd October

1900 El Alamein Day

1934 Melbourne Centenary Air Race from London ended at RAAF Base Laverton

1942 Battle of El Alamein, North Africa

1944 Naval battle of Leyte Gulf

24th October

1948 Since 1948 this day has been celebrated as International United Nations Day by Member States

25th October

1944 Battle of Surigao Strait, HMAS Shropshire & HMAS Arunta (1944)

1950 Battle of Chonju, Korea 3 RAR (1950)

26th October

1917 Second Battle of Passchendaele

1967 Operation SANTA FE in South Vietnam

27th October

1980 292 squadron formed, Edinburgh SA

2004 RAAF Officers' Training School awarded the Governor General's Banner

28th October

1916 First Conscription referendum of World War One

29th October

1964 Australia troops engaged Indonesian soldiers in combat for the first time in South Malacca

30th October

1973 The separate service Department of Supply formally amalgamated into the Department of Defence

31st October

1917 Battle of Beersheba

1st November

1914 First convoy of troopships carrying 30,000 soldiers of AIF and NZEF departs King George's Sound, Albany WA

1914 1st Division of the Australian Imperial Force sails for Egypt

1917 Battle of Khuweifeh, Palestine

1951 77 Squadron awarded Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation

1967 3 Control & Reporting Unit formed, Williamtown, NSW

2nd November

1942 Kokoda recaptured, Papua New Guinea,

3rd November

1926 Chief of Air Staff, Sir Richard Williams, reaches Tulagi on epic flight to Solomon Islands

4th November

1915 Opening of Cheer Up Hut

1942 Battle of Oivi-Gorari, Papua New Guinea

1950 Battle of Pakchon, Korea 3 RAR (1950)

5th November

1914 Cheer-Up Society formed

7th November

1917 Third Battle of Gaza, Palestine

8th November

1944 "G for George" a Lancaster bomber survived 89 operations with No. 460 Squadron RAA arrives in Amberley, Australia

9th November

1914 HMAS Sydney destroys German cruiser SMS Emden

2001 Four Hornets leave Williamtown for Diego Garcia to join War against Terrorism

10th November

1964 Government announced conscription (to be known as National Service) was to be enacted for expansion of the Army (1964)

2006 Anniversary of Commissioning: HMAS Ararat

11th November

1918 Remembrance Day - The Armistice that came into effect at 1100hrs ended World War One

12th November

1943 Last Japanese air raid on Darwin

13th November

1917 Battle of El Mughar, Palestine

14th November

1917 End of the Third Battle of Ypres. Australian troops suffered heavy losses at Menin Road, Glencorse Wood, Polygon Wood and Broodseinde Ridge.

15th November

1979 Airlift began of emergency food supplies for Cambodia

1980 Anniversary of Commissioning: HMAS Adelaide

16th November

1942 Battle for Buna-Gona, Papua New Guinea

17th November

1915 Constitution Amendment Bill (Franchise to Foreigners)

1917 Battle of Nebi Samwil, Palestine

1943 Battle of Sattenlberg, Papua New Guinea

2006 First female takes command of a RAAF flying squadron

18th November

1941 Battle of Tobruk, honour awarded to 2/13 Battalion, last remaining Australian unit at Tobruk

19th November

1941 HMAS Sydney destroys German Raider Kormoran and it is subsequently lost

1942 Attack launched on Gona, Papua New Guniea

1942 Battle of Sanananda Road, Papua New Guinea

21st November

1943 The surprise Japanese raid at Scarlet Beach, near Lae, Papua New Guinea

22nd November

1915 Lord Kitchener is advised that Gallipoli should be evacuated.

23rd November

1901 Lieutenant L.C. Maygar, 5th Victorian Mounted Rifles, originally from Kilmore, Victoria, wins the Victoria Cross at Geelhoutboom, Natal.

1948 Formation of the Australian Regiment, which became the Royal Australian Regiment (RAR) in March 1949.

24th November

1943 Sergeant T.C. Derrick DCM, 2/48th Battalion, is awarded the Victoria Cross at Sattelberg, New Guinea.

25th November

1941 Battle of Belhamed, honour awarded to 2/13 Battalion for actions in last stages of siege of Tobruk (1941)

1994 Anniversary of Commissioning: HMAS Manoora

26th November

1942 "Battle of Brisbane" between Australian and US Serviceman, Brisbane

27th November

1915 At Gallipoli, severe rain and thunderstorms turn into blizzards as Allied and Turkish troops endure one of the harshest winters on record.

1941 HMAS Parramatta sunk in the Mediterranean by U559

2000 44 Wing reformed, Williamtown NSW

2003 HMAS Kanimbla, HMAS Anzac and Clearance Diving Team 3 awarded Meritorious Unit Citations for service in the Iraq War

28th November

1942 Flight Sergeant R.H. Middleton, posted to No. 149 Squadron, RAF, Bomber Command, is awarded the Victoria Cross after a raid on Turin, Italy.

29th November

1942 FSGT RH Middleton became the first RAAF member to be awarded to VC

1943 Battle of Gusika, Papua New Guinea

1982 Defence International Training Centre formed Laverton VIC

30th November

1915 A Peace Rally in London comes under attack

1st December

1942 HMAS Armidale sunk by Japanese forces

1942 Lone Beaufort bomber triumphed over Japanese in epic flight

1943 Battle of Wareo, Papua New Guinea

1952 School of Technical Training formed, Wagga NSW

1978 First Hercules mission in support of Operation Deep Freeze in Antarctica

2001 Anniversary of Commissioning: Clearance Diving Team 4

2005 School of Administration & Logistics Training formed, Wagga NSW

2nd December

1943 Battle of Nongoro, Papua New Guinea

1992 Last C-130 Hercules ' Southern Service' courier took off from Laverton

3rd December

1943 Battle of Gusika-Fortification Point 1

1943 Battle of Kalueng River, Papua New Guinea

1954 No 77 Squadron returned home after an eleven-year absence

4th December

1943 Beauforts of No 8 Squadron made the RAAFs last torpedo attack

1951 3 RAR presented with US Presidential Unit Citation for its action at Kapyong

1989 Anniversary of Commissioning: HMAS Mermaid

5th December

1941 Five Ju-87s destroyed by 'ace' Clive Caldwell in a single action

1962 Anniversary of Commissioning: HMAS Waterhen

6th December

1951 HMAS Sydney begins a second patrol of Korea. Her aircraft were used to protect South Korean-held islands on Korea's north-west coast.

7th December

1915 Launch of Kangaroo March from Wagga Wagga to Sydney to enlist

1917 Advance on Jerusalem, Palestine

1941 Siege of Tobruk ended after 242 days

8th December

1915 Returned Soldier Association formed (now known as the Returned & Services League of Australia Limited)

1941 In the first air action of Pacific War, Hudsons of 1 Squadron attack Japanese convoy off Kota Bharu, Malaya

1941 War declared against Japan

2008 First RAAF flight conducted with all-female crew

9th December

1943 Battle of Wareo-Lakona, Papua New Guinea

10th December

1915 Enemy Property Act

1942 Battle of Amboga River, Papua New Guinea

11th December

1993 Anniversary of Commissioning: HMAS Newcastle

12th December

1998 Anniversary of Commissioning: HMAS Arunta

13th December

1915 Australian Light Horse deployed at Um Rakham against pro-Turkish Arabs of the Islamic sect known as Senussi, in Egypt's western desert.

14th December

1944 Catalina units conducted their largest and longest minelaying operation

15th December

1941 HMAS Nestor sinks German U-Boat U127

1943 Lakona captured, Papua New Guinea

16th December

1944 Germans launch their final offensive of WW2 in Ardennes Forest, West Belgium at what becomes known as the Battle of the Bulge.

17th December

1939 Empire Air Training Scheme agreement signed

1944 Battle of Matapau, Papaua New Guinea

18th December

1942 Battle of Cape Endaiadere-Simemi Creek, Papua New Guinea

1944 Battle of Artillery Hill, Bougainville

19th December

1944 Battle of Adele River, Bougainville

20th December

1915 Last Australian troops evacuated from Gallipoli

21st December

1917 Battle of Jaffa, Palestine

1943 Battle of Sio, Papua New Guinea

22nd December

1941 First US Forces were warmly welcomed to Australia. Australia soon became a major base for US forces in the war against Japan.

23rd December

1916 Battle of Maghdaba-Rafah, Palestine (Sinai)

24th December

1962 Confrontation between Indonesia and Malaysia on Borneo began

1974 Cyclone Tracey devastates Darwin, during which HMAS Arrow sinks (1974)

25th December

1974 Hercules from 37 Squadron makes first relief flight into Darwin after Cyclone Tracey

26th December

1917 Battle of Defence of Jerusalem, Palestine

27th December

1943 7th Division capture 'The Pimple', Shaggy Ridge, New Guinea after a 4 month campaign for this Japanese held position on the ridge summit.

28th December

2004 RAAF C-130s began relief effort after Boxing Day tsunami

29th December

1940 Germany drops its 1st incendiary bombs on London during the Blitz

30th December

1944 Capture of the heavily defended Japanese position Pearl Ridge, by Australia's 25th Battalion, provided views to both sides of Bougainville

31st December

1914 The second convoy of AIF Volunteers departed Albany within two months of the first. Many would be part of the landings at Gallipoli.