Australian Involvement

1st January

1901 Proclamation of the Commonwealth of Australia

1975 Office of Australian War Graves established

5th January

1941 1941 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Bardia, Libya

9th January

1940 Australian Comforts Fund re-established

18th February

1941 1941 - Anniversary of the arrival of 8th Division troops in Singapore

1st March

1901 Formation of Commonwealth Army and Navy forces

1904 First Defence Act passed by Federal Parliament

8th April

1918 Establishment of Repatriation Department

20th April

1915 Order for the first movement of troops to Gallipoli comes through for an April 23 landing but later delayed to 25 April due to poor weather.

22nd April

1941 Evacuation of Greece begins marking the end of the ill-conceived Greek campaign which lasted only three weeks.

25th April

1915 ANZAC Day

29th April

1965 Prime Minister Menzies announces that Australia has committed an Australian Infantry battalion to the War in Vietnam

11th June

1940 Australia declared war on Italy

29th June

1950 Australia commits military units to the United Nations Force in Korea

5th July

1945 Prime Minister John Curtin led Australia through the Second World War and died in office in 1945

15th July

1940 The Volunteer Defence Force (VDC), composed mainly of First World War veterans, was formed for home defence by the RSL

22nd July

1917 Four members of the Australian Army Nursing Service, Sisters Cawood, Deacon and Ross-King and Staff Nurse Derrer, won Military Medals

1938 The Australian National War Memorial opened at Villers-Bretonneux, France

23rd July

1916 The Battle for Pozières Village commenced on the 23 July 1916 and continued through to 29 July

29th July

1942 Townsville bombed by Japanese aircraft

31st July

1914 Andrew Fisher promises Britain "last man and shilling"

2nd August

1914 Joseph Cook "When the Empire is at war, so is Australia at War."

5th August

1944 Mass breakout of Japanese prisoners at Cowra prisoner-of-war camp, NSW

10th August

1914 1st War Premiers' Conference

1914 Voluntary recruitment for the First AIF begins

13th August

1941 The Australian Women's Army Service was established to release men from certain military duties for service with fighting units

24th August

1916 Official inauguration of the Australian Comforts Fund

3rd September

1915 Britain, France, Australia, and New Zealand declare war on Germany

11th September

1914 Australian Forces occupy German New Guinea

25th September

1918 Amman, Palestine Captured by the Anzac Mounted Division in the final days of fighting the Turkish armies in Palestine

17th October

2001 Prime Ministerial announcement of Australia's commitment to the War of Terrorism, Op SLIPPER

28th October

1916 First Conscription referendum of World War One

10th November

1964 Government announced conscription (to be known as National Service) was to be enacted for expansion of the Army (1964)

24th November

1943 Sergeant T.C. Derrick DCM, 2/48th Battalion, is awarded the Victoria Cross at Sattelberg, New Guinea.