Commemorative Dates

5th January

1941 1941 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Bardia, Libya

14th February

1900 National Servicemen's Day

15th February

1942 Bangka Island Day

18th February

1941 1941 - Anniversary of the arrival of 8th Division troops in Singapore

20th March

2003 Second Gulf War commences

6th April

1941 Battle of Greece

9th April

1941 Siege of Tobruk begins, North Africa

24th April

1951 Kapyong Day

25th April

1915 ANZAC Day

7th May

1945 Victory in Europe

8th May

1945 Victory in Europe Day (VE Day)

20th May

1941 Battle of Crete

30th May

1900 Aboriginal Veterans Commemorative Service

10th June

2015 Iraq / Afghanistan Veterans' Day

19th June

1950 Anniversary of the Malayan Emergency

2nd July

1915 First Violet Day

10th July

1940 75th Anniversary of the beginning of the Battle of Britain

27th July

1900 Korea Veterans' Day

15th August

1945 Victory in the Pacific Day

18th August

1966 Battle of Long Tan, South Vietnam

1966 Vietnam Veterans' Day

31st August

1965 End of the Indonesian Confrontation

1st September

1915 Wattle Day

3rd September

2017 Merchant Navy Day

7th September

1915 Australia's First Anzac Gallipoli memorial service conducted at the Australasian Soldiers Dardanelles Cenotaph in Adelaide

2015 100th Anniversary of the first Gallipoli Anzac Memorial Service at the Australasian Soldiers Dardanelles Cenotaph, Adelaide South Australia

11th September

2014 Bita Paka Day

12th September

1900 Australian Peacekeepers Day

15th September

2016 Battle of Britain Day

23rd October

1900 El Alamein Day

24th October

1948 Since 1948 this day has been celebrated as International United Nations Day by Member States

28th October

1916 First Conscription referendum of World War One

11th November

1918 Remembrance Day - The Armistice that came into effect at 1100hrs ended World War One