Patricia Hewish

Patricia Hewish

23 February 2017

“Well my husband was having blackouts and I didn’t know what was causing them and the doctor said it was his body’s way of getting over what he’d seen.” 

Pat Hewish volunteered at the Torrens River Cheer-Up Hut, where the Festival Centre now stands, in World War II and was among an army of women who served meals and entertained the troops with dances, sing-a-longs and concerts.

She would catch the first bus in the morning from Port Adelaide to start at 7am. She served tea and coffee to the servicemen until 10am, before making beds at a neighbouring hostel.

Her husband served in the RAAF and left for the war in 1942 just four days after their wedding, and her father, uncle and in-laws were all in the Army – so she did what she could; she volunteered at the Cheer-Up Hut.