Reflections on a century of service

Think Piece (1)In this section you will find stories about South Australian servicemen and women, their families and their communities.

Each story has been classified under an Anzac Value that has been selected by the author to best reflect what the story is about. In some cases stories are listed under multiple Anzac Values.

You will find some stories marked as ‘Think Pieces’. These are pieces contributed by eminent South Australians, military historians, authors, academics, educators, journalists, and other specialists who have a particular interest and/or expertise in the Anzac Centenary and in Australia’s military history.  A think piece will be added to this section every week.

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You will also find essays written by South Australian year 9 and 10 students, who are the recipients of the Premier’s ANZAC Spirit School Prize. 

Some stories have been sourced and researched via the RSL Virtual War Memorial which is a resource and repository for anyone wanting to research, study or contribute to the commemoration of  South Australia’s and the Northern Territory’s socio-military history, from the Boer War to the present day.

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Think Piece – The Cods

‘A special patrol of one officer and 10 other ranks encountered an enemy party in a trench. About 300 enemy present. A bomb fight ensued. We had 3 wounded, and […]

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ANZAC Centenary Memorial Walk’s Meaningful Collaboration

Aside from being a beautiful yet sombre place for remembrance, the ANZAC Centenary Memorial Walk has also drastically improved the landscape of its surrounding area and opened up part of […]

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Think Piece: The Headstone Project

Walking through just about any of Australia’s older cemeteries, there are to be found spaces between graves, or whole areas, that seem blank. While in some cases it is possible […]

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We were the Lucky Ones

Sergeant David Leicester, a young Australian Pilot, was 19 years of age when he first flew a Halifax Bomber over Germany.  After casualties in his squadron rendered it short of […]

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20 Anzac stories recorded at the Loxton Cheer-Up Hut

The Anzac Centenary Cheer-Up Hut continued to make its way around South Australia, with its most recent stop at the Masonic Lodge in Loxton between April 28th and May 1st. […]

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Japanese midget submarines raid Sydney Harbour

A surprise attack on Sydney Harbour by the Japanese 75 years ago on 31 May 1942, was a wake-up call which resulted in fear and panic in the nation’s largest […]

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Centenary of the Battle of Bullecourt

“The Second Bullecourt battle was, in some ways, the stoutest achievement of the Australian soldier in France.” Charles Bean, Official Historian. Bullecourt. A small town in northern France unknown to […]

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Bomber Command and the 1,000 bomber raid

It required incredible courage to endure a flying mission. Flying at night over Europe, pilots of Bomber Command had to run the gauntlet of German night fighters, anti-aircraft fire and […]

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Think Piece: Roland Carter in the Great War

Of the perhaps 1500 Indigenous Australians who served in the Great War, Roland Carter had one of the most unusual tales to tell. The Ngarrindjeri man from Raukkan spent time […]

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Who were the Axis powers of WWII?

Axis powers were the coalition headed by Germany, Italy, and Japan that opposed the Allied powers in World War II. The alliance originated in a series of agreements between Germany and […]

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