Reflections on a century of service

Think Piece (1)In this section you will find stories about South Australian servicemen and women, their families and their communities.

Each story has been classified under an Anzac Value that has been selected by the author to best reflect what the story is about. In some cases stories are listed under multiple Anzac Values.

You will find some stories marked as ‘Think Pieces’. These are pieces contributed by eminent South Australians, military historians, authors, academics, educators, journalists, and other specialists who have a particular interest and/or expertise in the Anzac Centenary and in Australia’s military history.  A think piece will be added to this section every week.

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You will also find essays written by South Australian year 9 and 10 students, who are the recipients of the Premier’s ANZAC Spirit School Prize. 

Some stories have been sourced and researched via the RSL Virtual War Memorial which is a resource and repository for anyone wanting to research, study or contribute to the commemoration of  South Australia’s and the Northern Territory’s socio-military history, from the Boer War to the present day.

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Think Piece: In Turkey they call it Abide

A remarkable stone memorial it stands proudly, peacefully overlooking the crumbling cliffs and dramatic ridges that resonate in summer to the relentless hum of cicadas. The surrounding landscape has become […]

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Who were the BCOF?

The Yokohama War Cemetery in Japan is home to 82 graves of Australians who served in the British Commonwealth Occupation Forces (BCOF) from 1946 – 1952. These 82 service personnel […]

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Field Marshal (Sir) Thomas Blamey

Field Marshal Sir Thomas Albert Blamey, known as a fierce officer, was loved by those who knew him but despised by those who didn’t. Thomas Albert Blamey joined the Australian […]

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Fighting continues in Gaza

It was not going to be easy. After the first attack on Gaza, water supplies were low and the Turkish defences had been strengthened. The Allies no longer had the […]

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Anzac Day 1917

As the sun rose on Anzac Day 1917 many of the men who had scaled the cliffs at Gallipoli were still fighting in trenches, this time in another country but […]

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1942 sinking Vampire _088

The sinking of HMAS Vampire

While escorting the British light aircraft carrier HMS Hermes on 9 April 1942, the Australian destroyer HMAS Vampire was sunk by Japanese bombers.  HMS Hermes was also sent to a […]

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75th Anniversary of the Battle of the Coral Sea

In 1942 many believed that the Battle of the Coral Sea saved Australia from invasion by the Japanese. 2017 marks the 75th anniversary of this naval battle – the largest […]

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Ian Smith

Think Piece: Why do you march?

There are as many reasons for marching on Anzac Day as there are participants in the many Anzac Day marches held throughout the state on Anzac Day. Some march to […]

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Hamitlon Smith_1

Think Piece: The Closest of Calls

On a day that none of us expected to die, the Australian Defence Force’s core values of professionalism, loyalty, integrity, courage, innovation and teamwork saved my life. Call it inter-service […]

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andrew faulkner

One battle, one day, 130 lives lost to war in a place called Noreuil

SERGEANT Henry Cheney, 26, driver, of Princes Rd, Mitcham. Private Percy Beauchamp, 22, labourer, of Essex St, Goodwood. Private George Watt, 30, tyre repairer, of Willis St, Norwood. Private Harold […]

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